Why are you shutting down USContributions?

There are payment providers who offer new solutions faster than we can develop them ourselves. Our priority is to keep your team ahead of the curve and allow for seamless integration of your donation platform with other elements of the campaign.

What platform do you recommend?

Currently, we recommend the fundraising service, Revv.
Why Revv?
  • Create and manage unlimited political fundraising pages in minutes.
  • Integrated donor upsell features.
  • Makes event creation, ticket and product sales efficient and simple.
  • Gives you a head-start to migrate to WinRed, the ‘ActBlue’ of the GOP.

What is WinRed?

  • WinRed is an online fundraising platform supported by a united front of the Trump campaign, RNC, NRSC and NRCC. It’s built on a proven fundraising technology and is designed to combat ActBlue.
  • WinRed was built after years of studying ActBlue – but combines better technology and a partnership with Data Trust that will massively improve the party’s voter model scores, benefitting all candidates up and down the ballot.
  • WinRed is similar to other donation platforms (create a page and send email or ads traffic to it) – except their technology layer is executed by way of a PAC.
  • Helps you easily and quickly earmark donations to anyone on WinRed. If you wanted to create a page that split donations to candidates who you endorse or support, you can do that – no additional lawyers or treasurers needed.

Do I have to migrate to WinRed if I setup Revv?

  • No, you can stay on Revv if you’d like. WinRed is designed to be a political donation platform and Revv will be transitioned to a non-profit focused platform.
Getting started with Revv
Our priority is to make your transition from US Contributions as smooth as possible. Fill out the form below with all necessary information, and we’ll let you know when we begin your migration and when it’s complete.
The biggest change will be that your donation form will be hosted at secure.yourwebsite.com, instead of being embedded into your actual website. This ensures donation processing has the highest security.

Can you help me with the switch?

We would be happy to help! To speed up this process, please email wr@getupstream.com with the information below:

  • Campaign/Organization Name:
  • Domain Registration Provider (dropdown: GoDaddy, Network Solutions)
  • GoDaddy/Network Solutions Login:
  • GoDaddy/Network Solutions Password:
  • Campaign/Organization Website Login
  • Campaign/Organization Website Password:
  • Who should get Revv Admin Access?
  • Email 1:
  • Email 2:
  • Email 3:

Looking to integrate with another platform?

Shoot us an email and tell us which platform you’d like to move to, and we’ll work to get that process started!