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AAPC Austin & Political Ad Spending

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Wednesday marked the American Association of Political Consultants Austin Regional Conference. Upstream was honored to help the AAPC in their planning of the conference.


Upstream President, Todd Olsen, moderated the panel “​Political Ad Spending: Lessons From The Campaign Trail​” and was joined by BEAST Digital’s Ryan Cassin, Google’s Curt Black, Harris Media’s Vincent Harris, and Rocket Fuel’s Amanda Whiteman.

Here are some key takeaways from the panel:

  • In 2016, ​voters ​wer​e exposed to so much ​more digital content. Winning campaigns are captur​ing​ ​voter attention ​by ​​using ​video content ​that adapts to a shorter ​digital ​attention span and ​content ​​that ​fit​s​ ​the medium.
  • Search advertising is an important is foundational to a campaign’s media mix and ​especially effective reaching ​voters​ ​with a high level of intent.
  • When using digital advertising,​ be sure you’re comparing performance across all devices​. Test, assess, ​optimize, ​and execute ​your campaigns based on the results.

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