Only days until Election Day.

Is your campaign doing everything it can to win?

1. You Have Data, Now What?

You have the voter file, you have months worth of valuable walk, phone, and event lists, you have an extensive social media audience. You possess many powerful tools. Are you using them effectively?

From developing messaging to building and refining target audiences, your data strategy should be constant – and constantly  growing – informed by new, incoming data.

Make sure that your campaign strategy is as smart as it can be.

2. Do Voters Read Your Content?

A recent Chartbeat report shows that 55% of website pageviews are less than 15 seconds long. You have just 15 seconds to capture a reader’s interest and provide value. You have even less time on social media as it takes our brains less than 1 second to process visual content.

When your target audience is scrolling through their newsfeed, your content has to be thumb-stopping and it has to provide value. If you use your data properly, your content will get attention and drive your audience to the action you want.

So what can you do? Use your data to drive your messaging, make long-form content digestible, make appropriate content skimmable, and use professional design that interprets your message authentically and powerfully.

Learn more about how to make your content effective.

3. Is Your Website Ready For a “Mobile” Election Day?

With 56% of all website traffic coming from mobile devices it’s critical that your website is optimized for viewing on mobile browsers. The last thing you want is for a potential voter to get frustrated and abandon your website because it’s difficult to use or see in their browser.

Can we help you get ready?

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